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Date: Fri, May 29, 2015
Subject: Transition to Organics update on Ojai Valley Trail project

Hello everyone!

As you may already know, we’ve been able to gain the support of Supervisor Steve Bennett to implement sustainable weed management practices in Ojai and Ventura County, beginning with the Ojai Valley Trail.  Thanks to all of you who took the time to e-mail, call and show up for meetings!  I’ve heard from community members that are already going out on the trail to pull the weeds!
In case you haven’t seen them yet, I am attaching May 13th and 22nd front page articles from the Ojai Valley News.   We want to thank Kimberly Rivers for her coverage of the story as it unfolds.
Supervisor Bennett said that:
  1. He guarantees that he will stand with our group “shoulder to shoulder” in opposition to any further broadcast spraying of glyphosate along the Ojai Valley Trail.
  2. He will arrange to have Connor Jones meet with the appropriate Ventura County staff to hear Connor’s presentation to them about his suggestions for a nontoxic, long term approach to weed control along the Ojai Valley Trail.
Thank you, Supervisor Bennett!
To avoid any need for “spot spraying” of the puncture vine (goathead), we are asking all community members who use the Ojai Valley Trail to bring a pair of gloves and a bag to put the puncture vine in.  (Remember, do not just pull and throw to the side of the trail.  We don’t want to leave seeds for the weeds to grow back!)  You can either throw it away in a trash can, or give it to me, and we will make a weed tea, homeopathic in nature, that can be sprayed on the areas where the weed normally grows.  You’re welcome to pick weeds other than puncture vine as well!  (See attached “Puncture Vine Eradication Protocol”.)
According to Theresa Lubin, County Parks Manager, Maintenance Operations, the majority of the puncture vine along the trail normally grows in patches between Hermosa Ave. and Encino Drive.  So far, very little puncture vine has been spotted along the trail.  (We appreciate Ms. Lubin’s support!)
We have also contacted Cal Trans to begin a conversation to ask for their cooperation to work with us to implement sustainable weed management practices along Hwy 33 next to the Ojai Valley Trail.
For students who need community service hours, please contact us and we’ll set it up!  Spend some hours helping to make the Ojai Valley Trail healthy and herbicide free!   (The long term plan will include various approaches, including applying mulch where appropriate.)
We’ll keep you posted!
Thanks for your support…




OVN article Tea time for trail 5 22 15

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