Organic Ojai Map Project

 Please Register and Join the Organic Ojai Mapping Project!
TtO locations basemap 2-15-2014

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The Organic Ojai Map is intended as a vision board, a tool for inspiring community members to join in on creating a healthy, organic Ojai Valley and beyond.  We’ve had a lot of positive feedback  and are working to include more and more properties, so that eventually the whole map is filled with organic dots!
This project was inspired and supported by Steve Sprinkel, who suggested that we (Transition to Organics) work on this map project.   There are no street numbers displayed (published) on  the map, and your information will remain confidential, unless otherwise specified.  The project was not intended for retail purposes, although we are happy to include stores or farms that would like to be identified.
Please lend your support and sign up to add a dot on the map!
Please e-mail:
Please choose one or more of the following categories:
   organic garden
   organic general
   organic farm
   organic certified
   organic orchard
   organic landscaping
   organic transitional
   organic retail
We have a vision of an organic Ojai by 2020, and are excited at the community’s
response.  This is a new project and already we have over 200 properties
(including owned or rented, edible/non-edible landscaping, lawns, gardens,
farms, orchards) registered as organic, certified organic, or transitional.
It has been an inspirational way to let community members know about successful
strategies in transitioning to organic practices in their homes, businesses and on
their properties.
Please let us know if you would like to be included!  Thank you!   If you would like
info on how to transition, please contact us.
Contact: Patty at 805-646-4294, or e-mail:
Tax Deductible Donations are welcomed and appreciated!

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