TTO Directors & Board Members

“If I had nowhere to go in the world, I would come to Ojai. I would sit under an orange tree; it would shade me from the sun, and I could live on the fruit.” ~ Krishnamurti

Patty Pagaling, Executive Director

Patty and other community members came together  in July 2008 and formed “Pesticide Free Ojai Valley” (  Gardeners, farmers, artists, medical professionals, technology experts, office workers and other folks from all walks of life came to our meetings, sharing an interest in reducing the use of toxic substances in both their personal and shared environments, through peaceful and educational means.

In 2011,  the name of the organization was changed to “Transition to Organics”, continuing to provide resources, support and inspiration for gardeners and farmers in the Ojai Valley, as they consider alternatives to using herbicides, pesticides and rodenticides in their farming practices.

Sue Williamson, Treasurer 

Sue has lived in Ojai for several years and is also the president of the Ojai Wildlife League.  Her tireless commitment to protecting wildlife and the environment is deeply appreciated.

Alicia Tharp, Secretary

Alicia is the owner of Ideal Seafood in Mira Monte.   To read more about Alicia, please visit:

Steve Sprinkel, Advisory Board Member

Everyone knows Steve in Ojai…  The Farmer of “Farmer and the Cook”…  who supplies the community with delicious farm fresh produce at the store and through his CSA!

Steve is also a board member of the Ecological Farming Association and President of the Ojai Center for Regenerative Agriculture.