More Than Honey 2013

More Than Honey – Movie Review – 2013

The Not-So-Secret Lives of Honeybees

More Than Honey is a phenomenally well-researched and thorough study of bees and their complex influence on human civilization, and an in depth investigation of the honeybee colony collapse disorder, a current crisis that some experts say threatens the extinction of honeybees, which would have a potentially devastating impact on human civilization. Without honeybees and their effective cross pollination of plants, there would be no crops, no harvest, nothing for humans or other species to eat.

Of the several recently produced and released documentaries covering the vitally important issue of colony collapse disorder, More Than Honey is the most comprehensive and compelling in conveying the story of the domesticated honeybees that are mysteriously disappearing — or dying — by the hundreds of thousands each year.

Filmmaker Markus Imhoof has done a brilliant job of showing and telling all sides of the story — including what would be the honeybees version of it, if honeybees could speak.

Imhoof uses extraordinary cinematography to take us inside the hives of honeybees, and to show us that bees actually do have a very highly developed social order, and that they communicate with each other quite effectively through complex patterns of movement that share information about, for example, specific flying directions to the flowers that yield the richest nourishment. They are indeed amazing creatures…

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More Than Honey

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

MORE THAN HONEY, a new documentary by the Swiss filmmaker Marcus Imhoof, is looking into the fascinating world of bees, showing small family beekeepers and industrialized honey farms.

MORE THAN HONEY is a film on the relationship between mankind and honeybees, about nature and about our future.

“Spectacularly beautiful” – Stephen Holden, New York Times

“A beautiful, globe-spanning documentary examining bees and their complicated, interdependent relationship with humans. If you are expecting some run-of-the-mill nature doc, think again. This is the CITIZEN KANE of bee documentaries.” – Ain’t It Cool News