Reversing Citrus Greening

We have been researching treatment plans to control the Asian Citrus Psyllid and are concerned about the toxic effects of chemicals being used by conventional growers and the CDFA.   However, we are encouraged to have found information which points to a solution and is a possible cure for the greening disease.

According to Dr. Elaine Ingham, renowned soil microbiologist, the answer is to maximize the diversity and strength of the life in the soil. When you have healthy, biologically alive soil and a healthy ecosystem, pests and disease-causing organisms are not a problem.

The link to one of Dr. Ingham’s videos:…/

Especially listen to section: from 11:58 to about 13:46

We understand the citrus growers’ concerns regarding the Asian Citrus Psyllid.  However, chemical sprays have not held back the disease for more than a couple years, at great cost.  The pest and the disease have always taken over in chemically managed groves.  (Some organic citrus was affected as well.  “Organic” methods do not necessarily include the concept of biologically healthy, alive soil.)

Soil Biology Primer info:

An excellent article,”Biocontrol for Healthy Organic Citrus Trees, Battling Citrus Greening Disease”, in Acres USA May 2015 issue can be viewed (with permission from Acres USA) on this website: 

Info from the Acres USA article: (can be seen here:

  1. Stanley Thornton, a colleague of Dr. Ingham, has developed a line of soil amendments, foliar sprays and microbes that he has used to bring dying trees back to productivity.  ‪

(His website should be live soon.)

  1. Sequoia Bio Sciences in India reports that that they have successfully reversed the greening disease.  The STEP program includes plant extracts, nutrients and microbials.  One product Bheema, causes psyllids to stop feeding on the leaves, another Regalis Azo/Beta colonizes the leaves with nitrogen fixing bacteria.  They have seen a rapid rate of recovery and high yields achieved even from terminally sick orchards that were slated for destruction.


John Peter Abt in San Diego, CA is working on setting up lab trials utilizing the STEP program in Florida.

  1. Steve Pavich, with BioFlora, a long time organic farmer, is experimenting with a combination of nutrients that will prevent the disease bacteria (liberobacter) from establishing in the plant. ‪