Non-Toxic Alternatives to RoundUp

Non-toxic alternatives to RoundUp (glyphosate): 

  1. Avenger Weed Killer, citrus oil based.
  1. Horticultural Vinegar. It is 4 times as strong as household vinegar, 20% acidity. It works great for killing weeds in rock gardens, natural landscaping, cracks on sidewalk and driveways. A Ventura company, Electric Lawn Care Service buys it from:

Fruit Growers Supply in Santa Paula: (805) 933-2723 , 980 West Telegraph Road, Santa Paula, CA 93060

  1.  “Rid a Weed” (concentrated vinegar product).

Go to: Click on OUTDOOR LAWN AND GARDEN PRODUCTS. (on left hand side in red box)

  1.  BurnOut II     ($45/gallon concentrate)

Burnout II is a non-toxic and pet safe weed killer. It is a biodegradable product and does not bioaccumulate ( It doesn’t build up in the soil or the environment). Burnout doesn’t affect soil health. Within 48 hours the pH of the soil will return to its original level.

2.5 gallons of concentrate makes about 7.5 gallons. (3:1) Mix stronger or lighter as needed.

BurnOut II works faster and more efficiently than most existing weed controls. Simply spray it on and look for wilting within minutes (typical: 20 minutes on dandelions).

You’ll see amazing results in three hours and dead weeds and grass by morning. A second shot takes unwanted plants right down to their roots.

Hailed by Gardener Broadcaster, Ralph Snodsmith, University Researchers, Botanical Gardens, and used by the New York Port Authority at the Governors Mansion in Albany.

Better price on Amazon:

$30.99/gallon ~ doesn’t say “concentrate”

BurnOut Weed & Grass Killer works quickly to solve weed or grass problems.This effective blend includes a mix of vinegar, lemon juices and other compounds that cause problem plants to wilt in minutes. Just spray BurnOut Weed & Grass Killer anywhere weeds and unwanted grass grow. It works great for sidewalks, driveways, flower beds, gardens, orchards and practically anywhere else weeds or grass are a problem. Ready to use.

  1. 20% Vinegar Gallon on Amazon:

Horticultural vinegar is a very effective herbicide. It kills weeds on contact. It is not an pre-emergent or systemic weed killer. It kills only plants that it lands directly upon. For this reason it does not transfer to nearby plants. It works best in warm weather and direct sunlight. It will work in other conditions, only more slowly.


Many communities in California, as well as communities around the country and worldwide, have made the commitment to use non-toxic alternatives and are successfully taking care of their weeds. In 1997, Humboldt County Supervisors voted unanimously for non-toxic roadsides, joining elected officials in Mendocino County and the city of Arcata.


Below is a link to the City of Arcata’s Ordinance banning the use of pesticides on city property.

Ordinance No. 1300


Information regarding the health hazards of glyphosate:

“…Glyphosate is actually, in many ways, similar to DDT, which is now known to cause reproductive problems and birth defects6among other things. The most recent research into DDT effects found that exposure appears to increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, decades later…”