Safe Rodent Control

Instead of poisons, use Hav-a-hart trap, snap trap, Rat Zapper, Ultrasonic Pest Repeller…

Another option:  Make a dry mixture of  1/2 wheat flour or corn meal, 1/2 plaster of paris.  Place in T trap (or other container not accessible to other animals).  When the rodents drink water after ingesting the mixture, a hard ball will form in their digestive tracts, and they will die.

Suggestions on Earth Easy website     

1. First, secure any open food sources, especially the compost bin. Sealed compost bins, such as compost tumblers, are recommended if you have rodents in your garden.

2.  As a deterrent, soak a rag or cotton balls in oil of peppermint (found at most health                food stores), and place in areas of rodent activity. Place under an eve or under a cover that will keep the rain from diluting the peppermint. Rodents are allergic to peppermint and will avoid it.  This method is also effective at deterring rabbits.