CALL to OPT OUT of CDFA spray program

As a resident in the pesticide spray zone

for the Asian Citrus Psyllid, you can OPT OUT.

CALL ASAP: 800-491-1899

If you are an Ojai Valley resident in the spray zone, you should have received a notification that your property is scheduled to receive an application of a pesticide by the state of California. For any citrus or kumquat trees on your property, a pyrethroid will be sprayed on the leaves. (Imidacloprid is also applied once a year by the CDFA to the ground underneath trees and shrubs.)   A list of trees and shrubs to be sprayed:

CDFA ACP host plant list

For more information, please visit “For Backyard Citrus” tab:

                                                               For Residents Re: OPT OUT

How you can help:

  •  We need volunteers to distribute flyers, monitor the health of residents, help us acquire funds to cover testing, collect soil and water samples, and more.  Please offer your help!
  • Contact Patty Pagaling, founder of Transition to Organics, at

For information on non-toxic solutions for citrus greening disease,                                              see article in “For Growers” tab:                                     

For Growers Re: Healthy Citrus

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