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2/1/20: 985 Fordyce, Ojai. Poisons sprayed across from residence of elderly doctor with Parkinson’s.

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Several people have sent photos and videos of Danitol and other toxic synthetic chemicals being sprayed each week during school hours while children are at home doing remote learning in Ojai. These sprays have been applied immediately next to the homes of the families that have emailed us.

The EPA hazard label says that Danitol is a “hazard to humans and domestic animals”. It states that Danitol can be “fatal if swallowed” and if inhaled to “call a poison control center”.

The Agricultural Commissioner’s office responded when a resident on the East End of Ojai notified them that their family had headaches and sinus issues after Danitol was sprayed on their property line. The Ag Commissioner’s office stated that the regulation that mandates a 1/4 mile buffer zone to protect children while in school “does not apply to private/homeschools”, and that “the shelter-in-place order does not alter the scope of the regulation” to include children at home receiving remote-learning.

The Agricultural Commissioners office also acknowledged that the spray of pesticides “does exceed the height of the trees”, but that “this is not unusual”.


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