Carpinteria Transition 2 Organics

From Trish Stone-Damen, July 13, 2012                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Updates for Carptransition2organics include:

  • Instrumental in inspiring the City of Carpinteria to adopt a resolution to create an Integrated Pest Management Plan
  • Instrumental in persuading the City of Carpinteria to form an IPM Community Advisory Committee to develop the IPM Plan as well as the pesticide list and zones (PHAER Zone System) for all city owned property. The IPM Committee has met 3 times and is on track to establish “green zones” for parks, playgrounds, and playfields as well as open spaces and protected areas.
  • Instrumental in inspiring the Carpinteria Unified School District to revise their IPM Plan to eliminate toxic pesticides on K-8 grass areas, adjacent fence lines, around trees, within 100 feet of organic gardens, Summerland School (parent weeds the campus), and around perimeter of Kindergarten class rooms. Additionally, CUSD added more postings and greater detail to warn the public when toxic pesticides are applied. Further, sprayed areas are locked from access for 72 hours following applications. CUSD also removed strychnine from the approved list of pesticides to kill gophers. CUSD added a provision to call a local beekeeper in the case of a bee swarm or hive on the property (however, protocol is not being followed as CUSD exterminated bees this month.)
  • Conducted 4 Sustainable Gardening Workshops for residents with Corey Welles, Plant Health Care Coordinator at Lotusland. Received funding from Carpinteria Beautiful and CarpinteriaValley Water District. Proposing a third sponsor with City of Carpinteria Park & Rec/Public Works to offer a 5th workshop this Fall.  3-4 hour workshop with inside Powerpoint and outside hands on activities to include setting gopher traps, applying organic fertilizer, making compost tea, proper irrigation strategies, etc.
  • Screened Vanishing of the Bees in Carpinteria for 175 people (as a fundraiser for Carpinteria Family School).
Trish Stone-Damen
Program Manager
School Gardens Program
Santa Barbara City College ~ Center for Sustainability
In partnership with the Orfalea Foundation

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