Safe Alternatives to Pesticides

The Importance of Creating a Healthy Ecosystem…

When an imbalance is created with toxic pesticides and herbicides, pests are more likely to be a problem.

The good news is that toxic pesticides and herbicides are unnecessary.  We have the opportunity to use safe alternatives (organic compost, beneficial insects, companion planting, mulching, etc.).

A healthy ecosystem and healthy soil creates healthy plants…


In 2010, a team of researchers from Washington State University and the University of Georgia found that organic farming increases biodiversity among beneficial, pest-killing predators and pathogens.

Ecosystems with more total species, and more beneficial species that are relatively evenly distributed, are thought to be healthiest.  The use of insecticides harms biodiversity by reducing the number of species and by making some species (often pests) much more common than others.

The study, which was funded by USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) and published in the July 1, 2010 edition of the journal Nature, shows that organic farming practices lead to many equally-common beneficial species, and that this reduces pest problems.

There are many websites that have info on non-toxic alternatives.  Please see info  below and in drop-down list under “Safe Alternatives to Pesticides”.

For info on organic pesticides, please visit:                                  

Natural Slug Control  (many non-toxic solutions listed)                     

This website has info on cedar oil based products:        

Cedar Oil ~ For Family, Pets, Lawn & Garden, Farm & Livestock

Info on non-toxic household products:                

For non-toxic control of ants, termites and other pests using cedar oil based products, call  Josh Rood of  Ojai Termite and Pest Control.   ph:805-646-4504

Flees control:  Supplements you can feed your dog or cat to discourage fleas: brewers yeast, B1, apple cider vinegar.

Coconut oil for flea and tick control!

Boric acid can be sprinkled on the carpets to kill fleas. Frequent vacuuming helps.

You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth on your pets, and it doesn’t hurt the animals,
but it will kill the fleas.

Weed Management for Organic Crops        

Organic Herbicides                                                       

Tree Fruits: Organic Production Overview

Pollinator-Friendly Parks   (includes info on the importance of pollinators)                                                       



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