NEONIC that kills bees

The Actara Advantage (from their PROMO Literature for Citrus) via

Citrus growers are well aware of how devastating Asian citrus psyllid and citrus leafminer can be to a grove. Actara offers another option for control of these pests as well as many others, including:

• Aphids

• Citrus root weevil adults

• Soft and armored scales (e.g., snow, black, California red scale)

• Thrips

Actara serves as an important and effective component of comprehensive psyllid and leafminer control programs because of its multi-pest spectrum, excellent crop safety and integrated pest management (IPM) compatibility. Actara is labeled for use in non-bearing and bearing citrus trees.Second Generation NeonicotinoidActara contains thiamethoxam, which is a second generation neonicotinoid insecticide and a member of Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) Group 4A. This means citrus growers can count on Actara to provide broad-spectrum control of sucking and chewing insect pests through both contact and ingestion activity. Plus, its rapid trans-stemic movement into leaves forms a reservoir of active ingredient within the leaf, providing long-lasting control of damaging pests.Actara Application OptionsStrategic use of Actara or Actara/Agri-Mek® miticide/insecticide tank mixes will ensure that these products will continue to be effective for years to come. Promote resistance management practices by integrating these products into a comprehensive insect control program that rotates Actara and Agri-Mek with other products with different modes of action.Actara and Agri-Mek are highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment on blooming crops and weeds. Do not apply or allow these products to drift onto blooming plants if bees are foraging in the treated area. This is especially critical if there are adjacent groves that are blooming. (Refer to Recommendations to Avoid Spray Drift for additional information.)In 2009, the citrus industry obtained a powerful tool to control some of its toughest pests. Actara® insecticide, a second generation neonicotinoid insecticide, provides an alternative foliar option for control of Asian citrus psyllid, citrus leafminers and many other damaging insect pests

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I have been an active participant in local sustainability planning and politics during my 22 years as an Ojai resident. These experiences have given me insight into the organizational players and unique needs of our community. The recent fire, continuing drought, water cutbacks and extreme flooding have highlighted that the climate crisis is at our doorstep and we need pragmatic but visionary political action. I am running for off to galvanize the community towards that action. We need collaborative solutions based on sound data, an engaged public, competent analysis and careful long term planning.
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