PyGanic® Crop Protection 5.0 Insecticide | MGK®

PyGanic® Crop Protection EC 5.0 delivers consistent, reliable knockdown and controls some of the most-damaging and pervasive insects on your crops. Organically-compliant, PyGanic controls a broad-spectrum of insects on virtually every type of crop and requires no pre-harvest interval or restrictions on the number of applications that can be made per year.
PyGanic comes in easy-to-use gallon and quart containers that enable the grower flexibility at the time of application according to pest pressure.
PyGanic is compatible with IPM, farm safety and Worker Protection Standards (WPS) given its user friendly toxicity profile. It is ideal for Organic growers who need insecticide options for hard-to-control insects. PyGanic is made with botanically-derived active ingredients that have a high impact on pests.

via PyGanic® Crop Protection 5.0 Insecticide | MGK®

About Renee Roth for Ojai CC District 3

I have been an active participant in local sustainability planning and politics during my 22 years as an Ojai resident. These experiences have given me insight into the organizational players and unique needs of our community. The recent fire, continuing drought, water cutbacks and extreme flooding have highlighted that the climate crisis is at our doorstep and we need pragmatic but visionary political action. I am running for off to galvanize the community towards that action. We need collaborative solutions based on sound data, an engaged public, competent analysis and careful long term planning.
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