CALL to OPT OUT of CDFA spray program

As a resident in the pesticide spray zone

for the Asian Citrus Psyllid, you can OPT OUT.

CALL ASAP: 800-491-1899

If you are an Ojai Valley resident in the spray zone, you should have received a notification that your property is scheduled to receive an application of a pesticide by the state of California. For any citrus or kumquat trees on your property, a pyrethroid will be sprayed on the leaves. (Imidacloprid is also applied once a year by the CDFA to the ground underneath trees and shrubs.)   A list of trees and shrubs to be sprayed:

CDFA ACP host plant list

For more information, please visit “For Backyard Citrus” tab:

                                                               For Residents Re: OPT OUT

How you can help:

  •  We need volunteers to distribute flyers, monitor the health of residents, help us acquire funds to cover testing, collect soil and water samples, and more.  Please offer your help!
  • Contact Patty Pagaling, founder of Transition to Organics, at

For information on non-toxic solutions for citrus greening disease,                                              see article in “For Growers” tab:                                     

For Growers Re: Healthy Citrus

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Don’t Guess. Test!

Ask the City to Start Testing for These Toxins!

We in the Ojai Valley are all in the beginning stage of getting “bombed” with two neurotoxins, pyrethroid and the neonicotinoid called imidacloprid.

To continue reading:  Don’t Guess. Test!


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