PyGanic® Crop Protection 5.0 Insecticide | MGK®

PyGanic® Crop Protection EC 5.0 delivers consistent, reliable knockdown and controls some of the most-damaging and pervasive insects on your crops. Organically-compliant, PyGanic controls a broad-spectrum of insects on virtually every type of crop and requires no pre-harvest interval or restrictions on the number of applications that can be made per year.
PyGanic comes in easy-to-use gallon and quart containers that enable the grower flexibility at the time of application according to pest pressure.
PyGanic is compatible with IPM, farm safety and Worker Protection Standards (WPS) given its user friendly toxicity profile. It is ideal for Organic growers who need insecticide options for hard-to-control insects. PyGanic is made with botanically-derived active ingredients that have a high impact on pests.

via PyGanic® Crop Protection 5.0 Insecticide | MGK®

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Farmers’ Exposure to Pesticides: Toxicity Types and Ways of Prevention

via Farmers’ Exposure to Pesticides: Toxicity Types and Ways of Prevention

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THE Town Hall Meeting on September 28th was a huge success!

Read more in the Ventura County Reporter article:


Thank you to all the organizers and panelists including:



Actress & Health Advocate Diane Ladd

Josh & Rebecca Tickell,co-moderating the panel discussion, award winning filmmakers,  showing a preview clip of their new film, Kiss the Ground
Patty Pagaling, Executive Director, Transition to Organics

Julie Tumamait, local Chumash elder

Hannah-Beth Jackson, CA Senator representing District 19

Steve Sprinkel, local organic farmer,  President, Center for Regenerative Agriculture

Annemiek Schilder, Director, UCCE Ventura County/Hansen Agricultural REC

Connor Jones, Permaculturist, East End Eden

Adam Vega, a life long resident of Ventura County and a Community Organizer with Californians for Pesticide Reform, coordinating the Ventura County Coalition Advocating for Pesticide Safety (VC-CAPS)

Erik Cutter, regnerative farmer, working at the Orange County Great Park with former California Secretary of Agriculture A.G. Kawamura

Jonathon Katz, Ojai citrus grower

Tim Malloy, Professor of Law, Faculty Director, UCLA Sustainable Technology and Policy Program

Kathy Nolan, Landscape Architect and Ojai Planning Commissioner



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Saturday, Sept 28th, 2019 Ojai Town Hall Meeting

You are invited to a special event…
 Town Hall Meeting
Health & Pesticides, Climate Change
& Transitioning to Regenerative Agriculture
at Matilija Auditorium
703 El Paseo Rd, Ojai, CA 93023
Doors open at 2:15pm
Speakers & Special Guests to include:
Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson
Sen Jackson photo
Award Winning Actress Diane Ladd
Diane Ladd on couch
Filmmakers Josh & Rebecca Tickell, Kiss the Ground
Tickells photo

Sneak Preview of clips from the new film “KISS THE GROUND”,

narrated by Woody Harrelson
Film clips, panel and discussion about chemical spraying in Ojai

and transitioning Ojai to Regenerative Agriculture.

For info, e-mail:
Townhall 8.5x11 for print(1)
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Protect wildlife from pesticides and rodent poisons

We have an opportunity to ask Supervisor Bennett to support the protection of the western part of the Santa Monica Mountains that lie in the Coastal Zone from rodent poisons and pesticides.

  1. If you are able to attend the December 4th (Tuesday at 8:30am), 2018 Board of Supervisors meeting, please e-mail me.  We can carpool from Ojai.
  1. Please consider sending an e-mail to Supervisor Bennett similar to this:


Dear Supervisor Bennett,

I am writing to ask you to support the protection of the western part of the Santa Monica Mountains that lie in the Coastal Zone from rodent poisons and pesticides.

Los Angeles County protected the eastern part of the Santa Monica Mountains in the Coastal Zone in October 2014, and we are asking Ventura County to do the same thing.
All the details are at

The current language of the LCP is as follows:

Santa Monica Mountains (M) Overlay Zone: Development shall be prohibited that includes the use of rodenticides, insecticides, herbicides, and other toxic chemical substances that have the potential to significantly degrade biological resources,  except where necessary to protect or enhance the habitat itself, such as the eradication of invasive plant species or habitat restoration, and where there is no feasible alternative that would result in fewer adverse effects to ESHA. 


This sounds good, but the problem is that the word “Development” in there mean it only applies to NEW DEVELOPMENT. This is totally useless, because new development will be insignificant in that region. It must apply to new AND THE EXISTING development. Furthermore, this is in direct contrast to what Los Angeles County did just next door in its portion of the Santa Monica Mountains. It has a clause applying to NEW AND EXISTING DEVELOPMENT, to any use of pesticides.

Thank you for your consideration on this important matter.


your name



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July 29th, 2017: Join Ed Begley Jr. for the screening of The Cat That Changed America

The Cat flyer p5

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Screenshot 2016-05-08 07.18.09Screenshot 2016-05-08 07.20.03


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Healthy Citrus

For information on non-toxic solutions for citrus greening disease,                                              see article in “For Citrus Growers” tab:                                     

For Growers Re: Healthy Citrus

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Welcome to Transition to Organics website!

Transition to Organics is a non-profit organization, working in cooperation with the Blackbird Foundation, including members from  various communities who share an interest in supporting and promoting non-toxic, Earth-friendly methods for landscaping, gardening and farming.

We include gardeners, landscapers, farmers, families, artists, medical professionals, technology experts, office workers and other folks from all walks of life. We invite like minded residents to join us, to learn about safe, non-toxic alternatives, and to contribute to this cause.  At this time, we have chapters in Ojai Valley, Carpinteria and Malibu and Coachella Valley.  We welcome other communities to join in.

Transition to Organics’ focus is to support the Earth by working with Nature. We are committed to inspiring and educating land stewards, offering workshops, conferences and hands-on advice about how to build self-nourishing systems which create healthy farms, gardens and communities.

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CALL to OPT OUT of CDFA spray program

As a resident in the pesticide spray zone

for the Asian Citrus Psyllid, you can OPT OUT.

CALL ASAP: 800-491-1899

If you are an Ojai Valley resident in the spray zone, you should have received a notification that your property is scheduled to receive an application of a pesticide by the state of California. For any citrus or kumquat trees on your property, a pyrethroid will be sprayed on the leaves. (Imidacloprid is also applied once a year by the CDFA to the ground underneath trees and shrubs.)   A list of trees and shrubs to be sprayed:

CDFA ACP host plant list

For more information, please visit “For Backyard Citrus” tab:

                                                               For Residents Re: OPT OUT

How you can help:

  •  We need volunteers to distribute flyers, monitor the health of residents, help us acquire funds to cover testing, collect soil and water samples, and more.  Please offer your help!
  • Contact Patty Pagaling, founder of Transition to Organics, at

For information on non-toxic solutions for citrus greening disease,                                              see article in “For Growers” tab:                                     

For Growers Re: Healthy Citrus

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